Carlos Vera’s passion for hairstyling began its development when, at the age of sixteen, he would treat his mother’s beauty school dolls to lavishly creative and unique makeovers.

Years later a pivotal moment in his professional journey arrived with his attaining a position at Oribe Salon, the top salon in NYC. It was here that he came to realize the full extent of his love for and commitment to the hairstyling profession. Under the tutelage of top colourist and close friend Brad Johns, Carlos acquired and honed the skills necessary to for enabling blondes to reach their full visual potential. This invaluable experience would serve him well and garner him much notice and praise further along in his career. Sometime later he accepted a role at the renowned salon John Sahag where he immersed himself in his ongoing quest to perfect the art of coloring hair. A skill he acquired at this time was another technique for cutting dry hair; he discovered his innate proclivity for this process to the extent it became a signature skill, which further enhanced his growing reputation.

While working at other high end salons on Fifth and Madison avenues, he broadened his scope to include knowledge and expertise in the application for makeup, a complementary talent to his already impressive arsenal of skills. The list of celebrities, socialites and designers he has worked with includes Shakira, Britney, Thalia. His burgeoning profile has led to ongoing demand for his services by magazine photographers in the industry. Carlos currently promotes and works with the Pantene brand, once again contributing to his pattern of success. Carlos splits his time between his home base of NYC as well as Miami and Los Angeles.

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